Tips for customers - Checklist for the move

Checklist for moving / moving furniture to Spain

Check the following points to see if you have considered or completed all of them for your move:

  • Set moving date
  • terminate old tenancy contract
  • Agree on renovation measures (old and new flat)
  • Clarify tradesmen's appointments before the move (if necessary in Germany and also in Spain).
  • Possibly order new furniture (coordinate delivery date)
  • Deregister children at the previous school / kindergarten
  • Create a furnishing plan for the new flat / house in Spain / Portugal
  • Register children in the new school / kindergarten
  • Clearing out the garage, cellar and attic before the move
  • Order bulky waste (city administration , local waste disposal company) for the disposal of sorted-out furniture.
  • Get, fill in and send off the postal redirection application form
  • Cancel and deregister telephone and Internet at the previous location or register at the new location.
  • Pass on relocation notification / change of address to friend, clubs and others
  • Cancel or change subscriptions
  • Clarify heating costs with the landlord (read and send meter readings)
  • Agree on a date for handing over the flat with the landlord
  • Provide a toolbox for the move
  • Open a bank account at your new place of residence in Spain.
  • Apply for a special permit to park the removal van (HVZ) - we will be happy to do this for you on request.
  • Verification of direct debit mandates and standing orders
  • Check the medicine cabinet and add to it if necessary
  • Registering and re-registering private vehicles
  • Deregister with the Residents' Registration Office - Register with the local structure in Spain
  • Organise keys for lifts / entrances
  • At the beginning of the moving day, check the staircase for damage and make a note of it.
  • Pack suitcase / bag with personal belongings / valuables
  • If this is not the landlord's responsibility, the name plates must be removed on the day of the move.
  • Inspection of the old flat with the landlord
  • Fill in, check and document the handover protocol
  • Cleaning the staircase after the move
  • Labelling moving boxes and goods and drawing up and hanging furniture plans
For further questions and answers about moving to Spain, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to pass on our tips to our customers!
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